The 28-Day Abb and Flow Challenge:


I’ll be offering a 28 day movement challenge designed to empower you with the physical knowledge of movements and cues to Flow On Your Own (FOYO). This is a concept of, as Pablo Picasso once said ", learning the rules so you can break them." Equipped with a new vocabulary and arsenal of movements, you will soon be able to design your own flows, anywhere and anytime.

Being able to choreograph your own workouts requires a level of fituition, or fitness intuition, that like any other form of knowing, comes from ample practice that increases your ability to discern what your body and mind need or do not need at any given moment.

The flows in this challenge borrow from the breath and mindset elements of vinyasa yoga, the choreography and creativity elements of dance, and the graceful and liberating movements of our primate predecessors. Consider these flows to be a free-flowing expression of yourself--via body language, each step, rep, and salty bead of sweat providing the colors that fill your blank canvas as a movement artist.

Humans were designed to move well and move often. This program will be the spark to a lifetime of movement love and practice! 

What You Need:

The only equipment you'll need is your body, your breath, and open space.

Your Commitment: 

10 minutes of intentional movement daily.

Where and when to find your flow:

Tune in to @coachabbymaroko on IG daily TBD. If you miss the window, the video will be saved and posted to YouTube. Be sure to subscribe to my channel to make your full month of flow a seamless process.